Peruvian Tanguis Cotton

Peruvian Tanguis Cotton was developed by a Peruvian engineer whose last name, Tanguis, gave the name to this quality of fiber. The combination of the seed, the earth and the climate causes the cotton tanguis to have a long fiber. From this variety you get threads for plot, fine poles, denim shirts pants fabrics.

Gaitex textile manufacturer tanguis cotton

Fiber quality:

In the first place, the combination of seed, land, and microclimate has made Peruvian Tanguis cotton be the longest fiber and fiber cotton in the world, only comparable to Egyptian cotton. When processed correctly, it has a special brightness and a smoothness to the insurmountable tact, almost like a “natural” mercerized cotton. In addition, despite being a fine and long fiber, Tanguis cotton is also more resistant than almost all other cottons, making the garments more durable.

Certainly, tanguis cotton has a very long fiber, when it is correctly processed, provides a very soft touch, has an excellent absorption capacity and has a high tintory affinity. In addition, it is a variety of very strong and resistant cotton making the stronghold and strongest.

Additionally, in Gaitex we work with the best material quality, including tanguis cotton. In our garments we experienced that tanguis cotton has excellent properties, giving us results of excellent quality in our T-shirts, Sweatshirts, etc.

Above all, we have a specialized team to ensure the quality of all our clothes from the weaving stage (where we also work with tanguis cotton) until the last quality control.

The cotton tanguis properties:

The whiteness, resistance and smoothness are some of the main characteristics of cotton tangϋis, a long and uniform fiber.

This fiber, highly absorbent, is capable of retaining 24 to 27 times its own weight. It is said that garments made with cotton Tanguis breathe, because this fiber absorbs and rapidly releases perspiration.


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